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shinydinosaur's Journal

Katherine. 20. Actor. Student. Theatre nerd and sci-fi dork.

Former co-moderator of teamlead at broadwayverse.
Current co-owner/maintainer of operationbrdway.

Curious about anything? Send me a message! I don't bite, and I enjoy meeting new people.

Post: shows I'm watching
The Great Meme 1: attempted to watch 500 new episodes in the span of a year.
The Great Meme 2: Movies I see for the first time this year.


Fandoms: Doctor Who, House, The Avengers, the Whedonverse (Dollhouse, Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Dr Horrible) Castle, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Torchwood, NCIS, Glee, Alias, Broadway musicals (RENT, Next to Normal, [title of show], tick, tick...BOOM!, Spring Awakening, Aida, Chess) and a lot more.

Favorite characters and ships for said fandoms:
Doctor Who (The Doctor (Eight, Five, Eleven, Ten, Nine), Adric, Lucie Miller, The Master, Jack Harkness, Amy Pond, Rory, River Song, Sarah Jane, Donna, Turlough, Ace, etc etc...)
Firefly (Wash FTW, Zoe, Mal, River, Simon, Kaylee, Inara)
House (Wilson FTW, Alvie, House, Amber, Scooter)
Fringe (ILU Walter, Peter, Astrid)
Dollhouse (Alpha, Topher, Adelle, Whiskey/Claire, Victor, Sierra, Bennett)
Buffy (Spike, Giles, Willow, Buffy, Angel, Wesley, dark!Willow, Faith, Andrew, Anya, Caleb, and many more)
Angel (Spike, Faith, Fred/Illyria, Wesley, Lorne, Jasmine, puppet!Angel, and more)
Dr. Horrible (everything about it)
Castle (Castle, Beckett, Alexis)
Harry Potter (SNAPE, Fred, George, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, McGonnagall, Ginny, Hermione)
Lord of the Rings (Arwen, Aragorn, Legolas, Pippin, Frodo, Samwise)
Torchwood (Jack, John Hart, Ianto, Tosh, Suzie)
RENT (Roger, Mark, Mimi, Joanne, Collins)
Next to Normal (Natalie, Gabe, Diana, Henry)
Spring Awakening (Melchior, Wendla, Ernst, Ilse, Moritz, Martha, Thea)

Ships: Amy/Rory, Nine/Rose, Handy aka 10.2/Rose, Eleven/TARDIS, Adric/Nyssa, non-romantic!Donna/Doctor, Martha/Tom, Donna/Lee, Eleven/River, Wash/Zoe OTP, Kaylee/Simon, Mal/Inara, subtext-only!Wilson/House, friendship!House/Alvie, Wilson/Amber, Peter/Olivia, non-romantic!Walter/Peter (they just have a fantastically complex father/son relationship), Peter/Olivia, Alpha/Whiskey, Claire/Topher, non-romantic!Adelle/Topher, Victor/Sierra, s1!Willow/Xander, Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, Giles/Jenny, s7!Anya/Andrew, Fred/Wesley OTP, Penny/Billy, Castle/Beckett, non-romantic!Castle/Alexis, Snape/Hermione, Ginny/Draco, Dumbledore/McGonnagall, Lily/Snape, James/Lily, Fred/Angelina, Arwen/Aragorn, Eowyn/Faramir, Jack/Ianto, Roger/Mimi, Collins/Angel, Henry/Natalie, non-romantic!Gabe/Diana, Diana/Dan, act 1!Melchior/Wendla, Ilse/Moritz

teamlead banner made by me.
Whedonverse apocalypse banner from harbek.
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Artemis banner credit goes to teef_chan.