shinydinosaur (shinydinosaur) wrote,

Finally got through all of the movie Juno today. I remember I had zero interest in it when it came out, but it was interesting and quirky and I liked it well enough.

So that rounds it out to.. three new movies in January.

I'm trying to aim for seeing Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy tomorrow night after work though. *crosses fingers*
...damn, I'm really hoping they have student discount. $10 for a ticket? (and I'm paying for my mom too so that's $20 there - if the bus ran late I'd just have her pick me up but no, plus she wants to see it but doesn't have money to spend on ticket - and I suppose she's paying for gas to get there and maybe a snack too? BUT IT'S THE ONLY PLACE IN THE AREA PLAYING IT STILL. UUUGH.
At least I can be all "I'm suddenly working two extra hours tomorrow so that's like - dammit minimum wage - $14.50." If I was at my old job I'd have $16, which.. man.

It's going out of theatres in the area really fast. I really want to see it. This is driving me crazy.
Tags: life, movies
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