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In which I have a birthday (and the events of the weeks surrounding it)

... I have no problem blaming Tumblr for this. It's very addicting and there's immediate self-gratifying and all things going on and pictures and gifs everywhere. Which is kind of why I couldn't stand it in the first place. I appreciate having legit conversations which I still find impossible to do on Tumblr.

Secondly, I blame the most terrible computer in the world, my laptop. It's barely running, so slow and freezes all the time, but when I took it to get looked at they said it was still virus-free. So I've got to do something about that.

Also classes have been demanding lately and I've been dealing with some pretty rough stuff on top of the usual load of life/family/drama/work/school. Also next week I'm going to be in a very good friend's wedding. :D

1. I'M 20 NOW. WOOO. My birthday was March 5, this past Monday. Not a teen anymore. I feel old though I'm told I shouldn't be, and I'm really not old. The day itself was mostly completely uneventful and boring and depressing (two years in a row I haven't been sung Happy Birthday by family or got to blow out candles or have it recognized in general) but today made me feel less crappy which I will explain further down. Also, Fran Kranz tweeted me for my birthday which made it much better.

2. Still dealing with the loss of Striker, my 12-year old sister's pet cat who was dear to me. He passed away on March 1 which just sort of set the emotional tone for my whole weekend and I'm going to make a separate post for him with adorable pictures.

3. Spent today as my 'birthday' day. Initially supposed to be the day my mom went on a roadtrip but she decided to let me come, combined with awesome things like Edgar Allen Poe museum and possibly see a play or something that night. The car decided to act up and my mom wasn't feeling well, so trip was cancelled the night before. Today I got up at 7:30am and worked out what to do. I had early lunch and watched what is possibly my current fave feel-good movie, Love Actually, with my mother (she ended up enjoying it a lot, thank you Colin Firth and Liam Neeson), then going and getting my fave coffee milkshake in the afternoon and later having dinner.

4. Was going to go to a dance class thing after dinner but found out last-minute (aka as I was eating) about the the local awesome theater next door doing a one-night showing of the restored silent French film "Le voyage dans la lune". From 1902. In color. Loved it. Included a fascinating documentary on George Méliès' life and his films and bits of his other great films and the seemingly impossible 11-year process of restoring this one. Hooooly cow it was fantastic to behold.

Was totally geeking out the whole time. The great set design, costumes, and effects (this guy is a great magician, omg) plus the overall fantastic theatrical quality of it just made it all the better. Also I should mention, it's the first science-fiction film ever. And Méliès invented the now-classic film 'stop trick' on accident. You know, where something magically happens because you stop the camera and move things and start it again. I've even used it in my filmmaking before. We owe this guy a lot. Now I'm going to spazz out when I finally watch Hugo.

5. Theatre! Trying to score student tickets for the opera The Mikado tomorrow night. The play Doubt is this weekend. Wicked is in town this month but really freaking expensive. The Fantasticks is the end of this month. Screwtape Letters is next month. Excited about my friend in Cabaret in May. Spring Awakening will be a few hours away in July/August. Dinner murder mystery theater production of Clue is in July. Haaave I missed anything? I WANT TO SEE ALL THE THINGS. Plus some stuff in NYC. :D Alan Rickman leaves the cast of Seminar on April 8. The brilliant minds behind [title of show] have another show now. Omg want to see. War Horse is still on Broadway. <3 I've heard good things about Carrie, too.

6. Last year I did a television meme. That goal wasn't reached, but it was pretty darn close and rather difficult to accomplish (500 new TV eps in 365 days? Yeaaah no.) but this year is much more realistic and enjoyable. Just going to track what new movies I watch, in order sorted by month. Gives me a reason to see all the things I've been putting off for years, even if all the movies coming out this year alone are gonna make me broke if I see them all in theaters.

So far, I'm doing really well with a count of 6 by the first full week in March, considering I only had 9 for all of February. If there's anything you think I should see, tell me! Also, I'm all for reccing if you're curious about something I've seen.
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