shinydinosaur (shinydinosaur) wrote,

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Fucking scary shit man. My little 12 year old sister was like HEY LOOK LOL THIS REACTION VIDEO ON THE GAME and showed me something on Youtube that made me laugh. And then I realized I actually bought that game ages ago and never played it (Humble Indie Bundle V). So I downloaded it and we started to play and I went from "omg gorgeous graphics, lovely interactive areas and dark spooky setting" to OHGODOHGOD I'M GONNA DIE GTFO OUT OF HERE NOW NOW NOW.

We played in the dark, at night, sound pumped up, fullscreened it... yeahno. Wandered around for a while until things got freaky, then pulled out a walkthrough and had her read out things to me whenever I'd get lost or desperately needed some supplies for light. We played for 90 minutes or so and the last part I was at, I had to hide in a wardrobe thing because there was a really scary fucking noise and everything went all scaryvision and I apparently had to go hide so I wouldn't, yanno, die. Did I mention there's like... invisible monster in this game? fffffff. And it's a first-person perspective so you have to turn and move and coordinate it to be able to get places and it's just you and the environment and freaky scary and you can't see what's behind you.

Apparently it just gets more disturbing and paranoia-inducing the farther in you go so I'm not really sure I can continue the game without doing some mental damage to myself omg. I didn't even last two hours and I'm mildly paranoid right now. As it is, I'm getting a nice iMac desktop to replace my terrible laptop in about 1 1/2 weeks so I'd have to re-download it and start all over on that if I want to really be able to play it (though my laptop handled it okay after I changed some settings but still).

Anyone else have any horror stories from this game?

Tags: amnesia: the dark descent, games 'n stuff, the suspense is killing me, this is a bad fucking idea, video games
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